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National Working Session on the Chapter 4 Technical Guideline for the Implementation of the Procedures for Water Quality (February 02, 2023)

Category: CNMC_2023

His Excellency Hak Socheat, Deputy Secretary General of National Mekong Committee chaired National working session on the Chapter 4 Technical guideline for the implementation of the procedures for Water Quality and with the participation from relevant line agencies such as Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Ministry of Environment, National Committee for Disaster Management, Cambodia National Mekong Committee, and MRCS.

The objectives of the meeting are:

1. To inform the implementation status and progress of the TGWQ focusing on Chapter 4 “WQERM”;

2. To introduce roadmaps to support the capacity strengthening of the Member Countries with regard to Chapter 4 ‘WQERM” of TGWQ; and

3. Preliminary identify a potential NRO and NFP for the implementation of Chapter 4 “WQERM” of TGWQ.

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