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MRC Expert Group Meeting for Basin Planning (November 08, 2021)

Phnom Penh: Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) had organized the Meeting of the ​MRC Expert Group for Basin Planning to Finalise the Questionnaires for the Exploration of the Possible Establishment of a Financing Mechanism (Mekong Fund), which presided over and leaded the discussion by Mr. Phonepaseuth Phouliphnah, Acting Secretary General of LNMCS and alternate Joint Committee Member of the MRC for Lao PDR. and co-chaired by Mr. Bounttien Sanaxonh, Director of Planning Division, MRCS and participated by the EGPDs from the four member countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR., Thailand, and Viet Nam), relevant MRCS staff, and International Consultant. The EGPD from Cambodia leaded by His. Excellency Mr. Kol Vathana, Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) and jointed by the relevant staff from CNMCS and relevant staff from line agencies, including, MOWRAM, MAFF, MPWT, MoE, and MME.

The main objective of the Meeting is for the EGBP to discuss and finalize a number of sets of questionnaires to be used in an online survey (Monkey Survey) to collect views and inputs from different and relevant stakeholders for the work on exploration of the possible establishment of the Mekong Fund. These inputs will be further used and analysed during the conduct of the Financing Mechanism Case Study (FMCS).