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Launch the Project on Fish and Irrigation (Fish Tech) (August 30, 2022)

Phnom Penh: His Excellency Mr. Kol Vathana, Deputy ​Secretary General of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee was nominated to attend the Workshop to “Launch the Project on Fish and Irrigation (Fish Tech)”, which was conducted for two days from August 30-31, 2022 by the Fisheries Administration, MAFF and Charles Sturt University of Australia. The Workshop was presided over by His Excellency Mr. Khun Savoeun, Under Secretary of State, MAFF and participated by ACIAR, FAO, USAID, Mr. Hidefumi Murashita, Technical Advisor for Agriculture and Irrigation, Planning Division, MRC Secretariat, Dr. Sinxay Vongphachanh, Agriculture and Irrigation Specialist, Planning Division, MRC Secretariat, Irrigation and Fisheries relevant staff from the four MRC Member Countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR., Thailand, and Vietnam), and Senior Staff from MOWRAM and CNMC.  

The Objectives of the Workshop are as follow (1) Start Fish Tech project in Cambodia and Lao, (2) Share lessons learn from Fish Passage projects across Mekong Region to strength FishTech initiate, (3) Validate initial workplan and site selections for demonstration fishway construction, and (4) Master class capacity building of fishway design and construction.

For the next steps: (1) Master class of fishway co-design, (2) Construct demonstration fishway, (3) Data collection protocols and analysis focusing on fishway investments and beneficiary ( economic value), (4) Fishway monitoring, and (5) International fish passage conferences in Seam Reap 2023.