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Regional Consultation Meeting on Development of Transboundary Adaptation Projects (September 08 2022)

Ho Chi Minh: Mekong River Commission ​Secretariat (MRCS) had organized the Regional Consultation Meeting on Development of Transboundary Adaptation Projects, presided over and leaded the discussion by Ms. Nguyen Hong Phuong, Deputy Secretary General, Vietnam National Mekong Committee (VNMC) and participated by the EGPDs from the four member countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR., Thailand, and Viet Nam), relevant MRCS staff, international expert on the climate change. The EGPD from Cambodia leaded by His. Excellency Mr. Kol Vathana, Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) and jointed by the relevant staff from CNMCS, and relevant staff from line agencies, including, MOWRAM, and MoE.

The Objectives of the Meeting are (1) Introduce and report on status and next steps of a project proposal to GCF:  Integrating flood and drought management and early warning system for climate change adaptation in the LMB; (2) Introduce and report on a new adaptation project on Mekong Delta: building an evidence base for the proposed adaptation strategies, and proposing a concept note of the project; (3) Discuss and seek comments and suggestions on the Mekong Delta project; and (4) Discuss and agree on next steps to implement the activity of the development of transboundary adaptation projects.