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Regional Consultation Meeting on Implementation of Two Pilot Projects to Test Coordinated Operations and Cooperation (November 15, 2022)

Vang Vieng: Cambodia working group comes from Ministry of Mine and Energy, Electricity of Cambodia (EDC) and Cambodia National Mekong Committee participated in regional consultation meeting on implementation of two pilot projects to test coordinated operations and cooperation arrangements for major water infrastructure and was attended by member countries, MRCS and national consultants and international experts.

The objectives of the meeting are:

1. To inform the refresh member country understanding of the scope of the two pilot projects and


2. Provide member countries the opportunity to discuss their water infrastructure operational risks and critical locations and issues.

3. To present and gain member country input on the draft Inception Report including methodology, data/IT requirement, governance, timeline and next steps to carry out the work of two pilot projects; and

4. Review the data and information collected by the national consultants thus far and the draft Gap analysis.