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Interim Reporting Workshop of the MRC-KDI 2nd Knowledge Sharing Program (September 06, 2021)

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Phnom Penh: H.E Long Saravuth Deputy Secretary General of Cambodia National Mekong Committee has been jointed to Interim Reporting Workshop of the MRC-KDI 2nd Knowledge Sharing Program 2020/21 through Videoconference Cambodia working group comes from Department Hydrology and River Work and Department of Meteorology/Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, and Cambodia National Mekong Committee.

The workshop aims to present outcomes of the research by the Korean experts and local consultants for each of the Program’s four topics. Participants will also discuss policy recommendations and necessary modifications needed for the Program.

  Topic 1: Reviews of Korean and Cambodia-Lao PDR-Thailand-Viet Nam experiences for the development of seamless hydro-climate forecasting platform and virtual drought exercises for drought response.

  Topic 2: Approaches, methodologies and suggestions for flood forecasting using A-I-I and Big Data for improved flood forecasting and warning.

  Topic 3: Development of communication products and suggestions for channels for improved dissemination of the MRC’s flood and drought forecasts.

  Topic 4: Suggestions for integrated flood and drought management strategy for the Mekong, focusing on green technology initiatives and knowledge sharing platforms for mitigating flood and drought.

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