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Regional Training Workshop for Case Study of Mekong Basin (August 29-31, 2022)

Category: CNMC_2022

Siemreap: Mr. Chheang Hong, Director of ​Information and Knowledge Management Dept. of CNMC, lead the Technical Working Group from MOWRAM and the CNMC General Secretariat to attend the Regional Training Workshop for Case Study of Mekong Basin under the Republic of Korea (ROK) - United States (US) Mekong Collaboration Project.

The Workshop was, the third training event, technically facilitated by representatives of the MRC Secretariat and K Water’s with participation of Technical Team of the MRC member countries, K water and the MRCS team, total of 30. The ROK-US Mekong Collaboration on water data utilization and capacity building in the Mekong Region, has provided the series of three training events for USACE HEC Modeling software, SWAT online, NASA Earth observations and modeling-based tools, and K-series & K LIS.

The Workshop’s objectives are (1) to expand and deepen the application of existing tools having been used during the 2 trainings and (2) to fulfill knowledge gaps and approaches for the participants from member countries.

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