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First National Consultation Meeting to Implement the National Pilot Study 2022-2023 on Drought Adaptations (December 12, 2022)

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Kampong Thom: H.E. Mr. So Sophort, Secretary General of Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC), chaired the First National Consultation Meeting to implement the National Pilot Study 2022-2023 on Drought Adaptations and Mitigation Measures in Drought Prone Area, with participation of technical representatives  from most relevant ministries, institutions, provincial departments, National expert and specialist of the MRC Secretariat and the CNMC General Secretariat.

The Meeting’s objectives are (1) to present the project scope, methodology and approaches in drought prone area in Cambodia; (2) To identify drought impacts and adaptations and mitigation measures from the pilot project and mobilize inputs, comments and recommendations for implementation;(3) To strengthen capability of technical team in using drought tools and cooperation to address the drought risk in the project area; and (4) To review implementation plan and key results to develop the technical guideline.

After the Meeting, participants also visited the pilot site, to introduce the pilot’s objectives to local authorities in order to seek future cooperation and observed the general situation for follow-up.

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