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Meeting With Dr. Eng. Yasushi INOUE And The JICA Team (February 25, 2021)

Phnom Penh: With the permission by His Excellency Chairman of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC), H. E. Mr. Kol Vathana, Deputy Secretary General of CNMC has leaded the CNMC Working Group on PNPCA meeting with the JICA Team, headed by Dr. Eng. Yasushi INOUE, Civil Engineering and Applied Science of the Water Resources Management Division, CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. and the Consultant of the Phnom Penh Water Supplies Authority. The Objectives of the meeting is that the JICA Team would like to get some advice, date and information relating to the potential water supply sources from CNMC. 

Dr. Eng. Yasushi INOUE had debriefing to the CNMC Team that give the potentially shortage of water supply sources, he is currently considering and studying the Mekong River, the Bassac River, and Stung Preakthnourt as the three options of potential water supplies to Phnom Penh municipality in the future, in which the relevant data and information are collecting. In this regard, he wish to know the impacts of the hydropower development on the Mekong downstream water quantity as well as quality. In spite, he also stated that he had accessed to the MRC Website and getting some data, but it is not detail enough and so he also wish to get some advice how to access to those MRC relevant data and information. In response, CNMC representative had debriefing on the updated information hydropower development status in the Mekong River Basin and provided recommendation regarding the approaches how to access to the MRC Data and Information.