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55th Meetining of the MRC Joint Committee

Da Nang City, On May 18, 2023, Excellency So Sophort, Secretary General of Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) and Member of the MRC Joint Committee (MRC JC), for Cambodia, accompanied by a group of Cambodia officials from relevant Ministries and the CNMC General Secretariat, attended the 55th Meeting of the MRC Joint Committee in Viet Nam. The Meeting was attended by the MRC JC delegates from all the Member countries Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam and working teams of the MRC Secretariat, a total of 45 delegate.

The Meeting reviewed and discussed key works achieved including Mekong Fund, annual work plan to implement the Vientiane Declaration of 4th MRC Summit, MRC staffing and financial status,

Implementation of water use management procedures, preparation of the 2023 Mekong State of Basin Report, preparation of proactive regional planning, hydro-met and environmental conditions in the Lower Mekong Basin and the joint study on hydrological changes as well as some other important tasks.