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Workshop On Understanding The Operation Of The Lower Se San 2 Dam And Management Of River Water Safety (January 27-29, 2021)

Category: CNMC

Stung Treng: H.E. Mr. Te Navuth, Permanent Vice-Chairman of Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) and Director of Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project Phase III, chaired a workshop on understanding the operation of the Lower Se San 2 Dam and management of river water safety based on the principles of integrated water resources management and strengthening cross-border water cooperation with Viet Nam, with the honorary participation of H.E. Mr. Chea Thavrith, Deputy Governor of Stung Treng Province and Mr. Zeng Xiang, Representative of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute and Chief Engineer of Department of Agricultural Water Conservation through Video Conferencing with participation of Mr. Li Mengsen, Deputy Director of Lower Se San 2 Dam and relevant Officials from Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Electricité du Cambodge, Director of Stung Treng Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology, General Secretariat of NCDD, Project Working Group, and DHI technical consultants from Denmark.

The main purpose of the workshop was: (1) to implement the project work taking into account the management of water resources and river basin development, focusing on the challenges faced in river basin management, water management, such as the state of water flow, water flow to infrastructure, diversion of dams upstream, impacts on river water, and what needs to be discussed with upstream countries, especially with Viet Nam and (2) to introduce to all the target stakeholders an important topic upon the request of the Changjiang River Science Research Institute of China, which provides a study on water safety, river use of river-dwelling people, and the impact on dam construction and to address how to make people's livelihood and river benefits better.

The three-day workshop will provide additional insights into the knowledge base and scientific information from keynote speakers on river basin development management, especially hydropower infrastructure construction, and accept proposals from stakeholders to help find solutions, provide opportunities for development, support the national economy and the safety of communities in the Lower Se San 2 dam area. All participants also visited the projects site to understand the real practice of its infrastructure, function and management.

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