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Training Workshop On The Application Of Decision Support Systems (DSS), Discuss On Information Management Systems (IMS) (February 23-25, 2021)

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Kampong Cham: HE Watt Botkosal, Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) and the Manager of the Component 2 of the Mekong Integrated Water Resource Management Project Phase 3 led the training workshop on the application of Decision Support Systems (DSS), discuss on Information Management Systems (IMS) and the Basin Planning Tool (BPT).

The workshop was participated by officials from the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, the General Secretariat of the CNMC, the DHI team and the Project Management Unit.

The main objectives of the workshop were to 1) continue to study, understand, discuss and consult on the use of DSS; 2) discuss the IMS and the Basin planning tool by comparing the structure provided earlier; and 3) promote a better understanding of the use of DSS. These tools will be an important element in institutional capacity building and serve as a basis for further studying and analyzing using scientific data for river basin planning and for transboundary water resources cooperation discussions with upstream countries.

As the results, the workshop provided participants with a better understanding of the equipment and reviewed and commented on planning tools and data and information management systems for the 3S and 4P areas for the national and international DHI team to further improve the tool and system. In the fact that these tools will be used for decision-making on sustainable development and management of water resources in the basins, include maintenance and retrieval of data, models and plans from the IMS including enabling subsequent update DSS along with learnings/getting practices.

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