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10th Meeting of the MRC Joint Platform (January 05, 2022)

Phnom Penh: Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) had organized the 10th Meeting of the MRC Joint Platform, which was presided over and leaded the discussion by Mr. Chumlarp Tejasen, Director of Foreign Affairs Division, Office of Natural Water Resources of Thailand and Co-chaired by Dr. An Pich Hatda, MRCS CEO. The Meeting were participated by the Inter-ministerial Working Group from the four member countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR., Thailand, and Viet Nam), relevant MRCS staffs and the International Consultant. The Inter-ministerial Working Group from Cambodia leaded by His. Excellency Mr. Kol Vathana, Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) and jointed by the relevant staffs from CNMCS, and relevant staff from line agencies, including, MOWRAM, MAFF, MoE, and MPWT.

The overall objective of the 10th Joint Platform Meeting is to further discuss and finalize key concept notes and working paper to get final clearance and agreement on way-forward before they are submitted to Joint Committee for taking note and further consideration, as well as to explore mean and coordination for effective implementation.

The specific objectives of the 10th Joint Platform Meeting are consequently to:

1. Discuss and comment on revised final draft Working Paper on Reasonable and Equitable Use of the Mekong system by the member countries of the Mekong River Commission to be recommended to the JC to take note as a Working Paper for future reference/use for capacity building;

2. Discuss and comment on the revised final draft Working Paper on the operationalization of Articles 7, 8 and 10 of the 1995 Mekong Agreement, before its submission to the JC for taking note in order to pave the way for future reference;

3. Discuss and comment on revised draft final Concept Note on Internalizing the Externalities Costs of the Development Projects in the Lower Mekong River during the Prior Consultation Process;

4. Be informed of the progress on finalizing the design concept on a water use monitoring system for the Lower Mekong Basin under the framework of the Procedures for Water Use Monitoring (PWUM);

5. Be informed of the progress on the Report on Opportunities for Coordinated Operating Mechanisms and Cooperation Arrangements on Dam Operations, and discuss its next steps; and

6. Discuss and comment on the revised final draft Concept Note on Exploring Options for a Mekong Fund Mechanism through Multiple Partnerships and Financing Sources for the Benefit of Environmental Assets and Vulnerable Social Groups, including questions and questionnaires to be consulted with different stakeholders.