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3rd Regional Training on the Introduction of Potential Tools to Support the MRC DSF (July 11-15 , 2022)

Hanoi: Mr. Chheang Hong, Director of Information and Knowledge Management Dept. of CNMC, lead the Technical Working Group from MOWRAM and the CNMC General Secretariat to attend the 3rd Regional Training on the introduction of Potential Tools to Support the MRC DSF.  The Training is facilitated by the MRCS with participation of  representatives of the Member Countries’ technical experts, international Consultants from USACE, K Water and MRC Secretariat team.

The Training’s objectives are 1. to enable the participants to perform water surface profile computations using computer program HEC-RAS in a sound and effective manner for 1D steady flow, 1D unsteady flow, and 2D unsteady flow modeling; and 2. To understand about data requirements, basic input requirements, output analysis, troubleshooting, model calibration, 2D mesh development, running a 2D model, levee breaching and floodplain mapping.