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Regional Meeting on the Progress of the Implementation plan for Flood and Drought Management Project (December ០7, 2022)

Bangkok: The National Working Group for Cambodia from MOWRAM. MPWT and the CNMC General Secretariat, attended a Regional Meeting on the progress of the implementation plan for Flood and Drought Management Project and Annual Mekong Report 2021. The Meeting was facilitated by representative of the MRC Secretariat with participation of National Working Groups of the MRC Member countries (Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Thailand), International Consultants and the MRC Secretariat team.

The Meeting’s objectives are 1. To report the progress of the flood and drought management activities; 2. To discuss on solutions and roadmaps for the project for 2023-2024; 3. To discuss on the content of national report for AMHR-2021; 4. To present the draft AMHR-2021 with analysis of flood and drought situation and impact by typhoon and storms for 2021; and 5. To discuss the needs and requirement for improving AMHR-2021.