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Regional Meeting on the Coordinating Implementation of the MRC Work Plan for 2023 (February 08-09, 2023)

Ho Chi Minh: The officials of Mekong Coordinating Team of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee General Secretariat (CNMCS), led by Deputy Secretary General Excellency Hak Socheat participated in a regional Meeting on the Coordinating implementation of the MRC Work Plan for 2023. The meeting was organized by the MRC Secretariat, and with the participation of the Mekong Coordinating Team from MRC member countries, including Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam, and relevant officials from the five specialized Divisions/office of MRCS.

The objectives of the meeting are to: (1) have common understanding on the priorities and most important activities/tasks in 2023 based on the MRC Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the updated Multi-Year 2023-2024; (2) have common understanding on the key cross-cutting activities of the MRC that require cooperation and collaboration across divisions/office and national focal points; and (3) discuss on the MRC event calendar 2023, and have tentative agree on the dates of activities in 2023.