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Regional Consultation Meeting on the Revised Draft Report on Experiences and Opportunities for Coordinated Operating Rules (December 13, 2021)

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Phnom Penh: MRCS has organized the Regional Consultation ​Meeting on the Revised draft “Report on experiences and opportunities for coordinated operating rules and cooperation arrangements on dam operations”, which was presided over and chaired by Mr. Bounttien Sanaxonh, Director of Planning Division, MRCS and participated by the Inter-ministerial Working Groups from the four MRC Member Countries, staff of the Planning Division of the MRC Secretariat, and the International Consultant. His Excellency Mr. Kol Vathana, Deputy Secretary General of Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) has leaded the Cambodian Inter-ministerial Working Group, comprises of the technical representative officials from MOWRAM, MME, MAFF, MPWT, EDC, and CNMCS PNPCA Working Group members.

The Meeting objectives are to:

- Discuss the revisions made to the report following from the series of national consultations held in September and October 2021;

- Discuss in detail the two pilot projects and the Terms of Reference for the procurement of international and national consultants to assist in progressing those projects;

- Gather any final observations from Member Countries on report and gain their support for the implementation of the pilot projects; and

- Present and discuss proposed actions and next steps for the activity.

The expected outputs of the Meeting are:

- Member countries are fully informed on the report and the implementation of the pilot projects; and

- Agreement to further implementation in 2022.

The Meeting has considered and discussed on the following agenda items, namely (1) Key outcomes of the national consultations and resulting revisions to the report on opportunities for coordinated operation, (2) Discussion and clarification by Member Countries of issues and questions raised during national consultations, (3) Details and revisions for Pilot Project #1 – Operational information, and Pilot Project #2 – Emergency management in the 3S basin, and (4) Outline for the Terms of Reference for the implementation of the Pilot Projects. – General Points.

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