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3rd National Consultation Meeting on the Proposed Sanakham Hydropower Project (December 16, 2021)

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Kratie: Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) had organized the 3rd National Consultation Meeting on the proposed Sanakham Hydropower Project (SNHPP), which was presided over and leaded the discussion by His Excellency Mr. Te Navuth, Permanent Vice Chairman of CNMC. The participants of the meeting include the members of CNMCS PNPCA Working Group; the members of Inter-ministerial PNPCA Working Group (MOWRAM, MME, MoE, MAFF, and MPWT); the Technical Staffs of MFA&IC, MoP, and TSA; the members of the National Expert Group on PNPCA; relevant staff from MRC Secretariat; Representatives of the most relevant Technical Departments of the relevant Provinces; Representatives of the relevant NGOs; Representatives of relevant Local Communities; and Representatives of the most relevant Academia.

The Objectives of the Meeting are as follow:

(1) Get more understanding on MA 95, PNPCA, PC Process and updated Indicative Roadmap for SNHPP PC;

(2) Get more understanding on the Overview of the proposed SNHPP;

(3) Reviewing the Outcomes of the National Experts reviews on the Final Draft TRR and SNHPP and continues to collect additional comments on the proposed SNHPP; and

(4) Discussion on the substance of the Formal Replying Form of Cambodia to be sent to MRC.

The Meeting had listened and discussed the Findings of the National Consultants, who have review the proposed SNHPP and its Final Draft TRR, which was reviewed and revised by the MRCS Core Team by focusing on seven thematic areas, namely:

1. Hydrology and Hydraulics;

2. Sediment Transport and Geomorphology;

3. Water Quality and Aquatic Ecology;

4. Fisheries and Fish Passage;

5. Dam safety;

6. Navigation; and

7. Transboundary socio-economic impacts.

In addition, the Meeting has also listened, discussed, and commented on the consolidated comments, which will be included into the draft Reply Form for Cambodia.

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