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Meeting on Socio-Economic (SE) and Gender and Vulnerability (G&V) Data and Analysis

Category: CNMC_2023

Kampong Thom: On 25 Sep 2023, His Excellency Mr. Te Navuth, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) has leaded a national consultation meeting on Socio-Economic (SE) and Gender and Vulnerability (G&
V) Data and Analysis at the Kampong Thom Palace Hotel. The meeting was joined by the representatives from MOWRAM, MAFF, MRD, MoE, MoWA NCDM TSA CNMC Officials; and National expert and staff of MRCS, a total of 22 people. 
The Objectives of the meeting is to (1) Discuss, clarify and advise on the SE and GV data availability, data sources, data definition and data gaps that were collected by MCs with the QA/QC process 
(2) Seek comments and agree on validation and consensus on the SE and GV data transmitted and used, the approach/methodology of data aggregation/analysis, results and key messages of the social and economic dimensions of the 1st and 2nd draft SOBR 2023 and draft updated Mekong Atlas maps and
(3) Discuss the next steps and recommendations for filling the identified SE and GV data gaps especially the data required for conducting the gender and social assessment in 2024, and recommendations for improving the country’s existing national survey, data collection and processing mechanisms for planning and decision-making.

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