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National Consultation Workshop On The Harmonized Rules And Regulations About Vessel Safety (May 31, 2021)

Kampong Thom: H.E Mr Te Navuth, Permanent Vice-Chairman of CNMC, chaired National Consultation Workshop on the Harmonized Rules and Regulations about Vessel Safety, Traffic Safety and Passenger Protection on the Mekong River System Between Cambodia and Vietnam. The participants included representatives from Ministry of Public Works and Transport, representatives from Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, representatives from other Line Agencies and official from CNMC and a national expert. The key objectives of this consultation workshop are to (1) discuss and understand about draft document on harmonization of rules and regulations about the vessel safety, traffic safety and passenger protection; and (2) Provide key comments for further improvement of the document.

 As a result, the workshop (1) examined an overview of each article of the draft law on vessel / ship safety, each of which was complex and had been discussed several times but was not yet in-depth; (2) discussed the draft navigation law and regulations, choosing four priorities to harmonize with each other, so the workshop proposed to discuss in more detail; (3) discussed and understood the draft guidelines on the safety of water transport, with the principle quoted from the shipping laws from Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand to harmonize by proposing to change the word from Regulation to Guidelines.