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Maintenance Of The Mekong-HYCOS Stations (June 05, 2021)

From May 28 to June 6, 2021, Mr. Chheang Hong, Coordinator for Technical Support Division of Information and Knowledge Management Department of Cambodia National Mekong River Commission; is facilitating the Technical Working Group. from the Department of Hydrology and River Works of MOWRAM and expert from the MRC Secretariat to review and have a maintenance of the Mekong-HYCOS stations along the Mekong River in provinces of Cambodia.

As a result, the Mission Team are (1) evaluating the condition of each station to prepare a technical report and make recommendations for the next year’s plan; (2) repairing the old spare parts that are no longer working, problematic and expired; (3) cleaning the perimeter and the rain filter; (4) connecting and reactivating the network so that the system can work properly to ensure transmitting of data to the main sever for the sake of managing the Mekong River Basin and (5) strengthening the capacity of the National team and stations' observers.