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Meeting On JEM Pilot’s First Results And Concept For A Core River Monitoring Network In The LMB (June 07-08, 2021)

Phnom Penh: H.E Long Saravuth Deputy Secretary General of Cambodia National Mekong Committee chaired and leaded the meeting on JEM pilot’s first results and concept for a core river monitoring network in the LMB and was attended by Member Countries, representative of hydropower projects developers in Lao PDR, representative of GIZ, ICEM CSU, AWP, DFAT and consultants . Cambodia working group comes from Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Ministry of Environment, Fishery Administration, Tonle Sap Authority and Cambodia National Mekong Committee.

The Objective of the meeting:

1.  Present the first result and initial recommendations from the JEM pilots

2.  Have a common understanding of the current status of the JEM pilots and the remaining process and timeline for the finalization of the JEM programme; and

3.  Discuss and agree on the concept and proposed approach to kick off the inception phase for the assessment and redesign of the MRC Core River Monitoring Network in the LMB.